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Immerse yourself in the tactical mech battles of Super Robot Taisen GC for the Nintendo GameCube. This Japan-exclusive title brings together iconic robots from various anime series in a strategic, turn-based RPG. Command your favorite mechs and pilots as you navigate through intense battles and engaging storylines, all rendered in stunning 3D graphics.

Super Robot Taisen GC offers an unparalleled experience for fans of mecha and strategy games. With its deep customization options, compelling narrative, and challenging gameplay, this title is a must-have for any collector or enthusiast of the genre.


Iconic Mechs: Battle with a wide array of mechs from popular anime series such as Gundam, Mazinger, and Getter Robo. Strategic Combat: Engage in turn-based battles that require tactical planning and precise execution. 3D Graphics: Enjoy beautifully rendered 3D visuals that bring the epic mecha battles to life. Character Customization: Upgrade and customize your mechs and pilots to enhance their abilities and performance in battle. Engaging Story: Follow a captivating storyline that intertwines the fates of various characters and their mechs. Multiple Missions: Experience a variety of missions and challenges that test your strategic skills and adaptability.


Title: Super Robot Taisen GC

  • Platform: Nintendo GameCube
  • Genre: Tactical RPG
  • Release Date: December 16, 2004
  • UPC: 4983164733259
  • Region Code: NTSC-J (Japan)
  • Language: Japanese
  • Players: 1 Player
  • Rating: CERO A (All Ages)
  • Developer: Banpresto
  • Publisher: Banpresto


Super Robot Taisen GC for Nintendo GameCube is available at VideoGamesNewYork, NY.

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