Custom Arcade Sticks

Arcade Mod/Repair    
Parts Installation $15.00
Quik Disconnect sicks only
Parts Instalation with minor wiring $25.00 Soldering
Electrical Parts instalation $40.00
Soldering, Wiring Etc
Neutrix Removble USB $40.00
20-24 mm hole will be drilled for the Neutrix
PS3/PS4 Dual Mod $80.00 Soldered Mod
PS3/PS4 Dual Mod + Audio $120.00 Soldered Mod
Universal PCB Mod $130.00 Soldered Mod
Artwork Print $10.00
Plexi Compatable Stck Only
Vinyl Art Print $20-$30
Vinyl Print may take longer to print
Plexi Might need to be special ordered Cost will range from $20-40 depending on work and Plexi
Please E-mail Art in the original format PSD file would be best or the original Image file so not to degrade the qualty of the print
Any Extra Work Email or call