Rush Rush Rally Racing [Independent Dreamcast Game]

Rush Rush Rally Racing [Independant Dreamcast Game]
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  • Rush Rush Rally Racing [Independent Dreamcast Game]
  • Rush Rush Rally Racing [Independent Dreamcast Game]
  • Rush Rush Rally Racing [Independent Dreamcast Game]

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Rush Rush Rally Racing has several game play modes. The goal of the single player grand prix mode is to qualify each race by finishing third, second, or in first place. If the player qualifies the race, he will proceed to the next level. If the player doesn't qualify, he can retry the level until his continues run out. The Grand Prix mode consists of 10 levels, after which the player is rewarded with an ending sequence. However, if the player finishes in first place in all levels, an 11th level is unlocked, and other ending sequences are shown, depending on whether the player finishes first in this level also.

In the versus mode 2, 3, or 4 player can race against each other in a split screen mode. Nine levels are initially available for all multiplayer modes, in addition to the Grand Prix levels which can also be played. The item mode is the same as the versus mode, with the addition of various items that are scattered around the levels, such as oil slicks, super speed, invisibility, turn 180 degrees, etc. In the Get Ahead two player mode, the objective is to get so far ahead of your opponent that they disappear from the screen. Each time a player succeeds in doing so, they earn one token. The first player to earn 5 tokens is the winner.


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