Risk System [PlayStation 4]

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  • Risk System PlayStation 4 cover shot. Profile face of a woman, 2 ships fighting water . sky and a planet. Logo in white.
  • Risk System PlayStation 4 disk. Profile face of a woman, 2 ships fighting water . sky and a planet. Logo in white.
  • Risk System PlayStation 4 Certificate of Physicality.
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Technical release date is 07/01/2024



Risk System [PlayStation 4]

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Risk System is a gorgeous hand crafted 2D shmup with a unique core mechanic where you boost your ship's firepower by performing stunts and weaving between enemy fire

This complete cohesion between controls, gameplay and aesthetics means that when you play, you'll feel like you're a daredevil ace pilot from the most awesome mecha anime!

Risk System features multiple endings and character interactions based on player performance, mirroring the experience of the protagonist gaining mastery of their ship and using the systems of gameplay to tell a story.



  • Increase your B-Meter & firepower quickly by flying as close to enemy fire as possible and absorbing their energy. The closer you fly, the more energy you net!
  • Fire your weapon while flying close to enemy fire and absorbing to perform powerful “Risk Shots”. Enemies destroyed by these powered up shots will turn into energy to power your shield. The best defense is a risky offense!
  • Fly like an ace pilot and utilize Barrel Rolls to quickly cover vertical space & modify your attack!
  • Unleash the Barrier Breaker once the B-Meter is full to inflict huge damage on everything in sight!
  • Higher scores are awarded for explosive bursts of destruction and taking risks! Destroy multiple enemies at once and utilize “Risk Shots” to string together combos and increase your score multiplier!
  • Experience different facets and paths to the story based on your performance and actions taken during missions!


  • Physical Disk
  • Individual Number on the physical cover: Only 1500 copies produced!
  • Certificate of Physicality
  • ESRB RATINGS - North American Production


  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Title: Risk System
  • Genre: SHMUP
  • Release date: Q3 2024
  • Production Size: 1500 units
  • Individually Numbered: Yes
  • UPC: 608037466013
  • ESRB: E for Everyone 10+ - Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood
  • Languages: English
  • Developer: Newt Industries
  • Publisher: Eastasiasoft Limited/ VGNYsoft





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