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Earth Defense Force 5 (PlayStation 4)

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  • Earth Defense Force 5 (PlayStation 4)
  • Earth Defense Force 5 (PlayStation 4)

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EDF is waiting for your enlistment.

An Action TPS featuring the furious battle between aliens from another planet and earth Defense Force (EDF). This game includes the series' best missions, arms, and weapons. Control four combatants and challenge yourself with five difficulties. Offline missions support not only single-player, but also two-player co-op — or, play online co-op mode with up to four players.
Year 2022
A case was taking place in base 228 of EDF. Deep underground, the huge facility was invaded, and people were attacked by unknown monsters. At the same time, a gigantic mothership flew around the world and began attacking without discrimination

So it is that you, the player of this game, will become one of the private citizens who was accidentially inside base 228. You will bravely take up arms during this crisis, joining the intense fight against the aliens without realizing that you will become the soldier who will eventually control the fate of Earth...
More than 100 missions and 5 difficulties!

Humanoid Aliens Appear for the First Time in the Series
What are the unprecedented and intellectual alien beings from another planet called the "Primer"? A series-first enemy alien finally appears. The battle with this intelligent enemy produces unprecedented despair, while leading the player to the most fun yet as EDF must confront them with courage and wisdom.

More Content than Ever, with Online Co-op Mode
Includes more than 100 missions in five difficulties and 1000+ usable arms and weapons. The two-player co-op mode can also be played on a single screen, and all missions can be played in online co-op mode with up to four players. Control four combatants, and join the battle with other EDF members living in the real world!

Become an EDF Soldier and Save Earth
Become one of the soldiers of EDF and exterminate the invading aliens. Protect peace on Earth.


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