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Pump It Up Zero Portable - Korean Version - PSP

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  • Pump It Up Zero Portable - Korean Version - PSP
  • Pump It Up Zero Portable - Korean Version - PSP


Pump It Up Zero Portable - Korean Version - PSP

More rhythm & action available on your PSP™. Play Pump It Up Zero Portable at home, work, school or just anywhere you like. This game has a great assortment of 111 songs, including Pop, Banya and K-Pop tracks. Using wireless connection (AD hoc mode) at "Versus Station", you will be most excited. Whenever you end a song or clear, you can gather game points. At Store Station, you can buy various indicators, steps, images and music videos with your game points.

Now, Boost your fingers!

How to Play?

• Push the direction indicator button to the music
• When a direction indicator reaches the sequence zone, the player has to press the applicable button
• When the direction indicator reaches the target zone, the gauge indicator goes up. Once the player pushes the button twice they can attain a perfect mark, which is called a "COMBO"
• When you make a mistake, the gauge indicator will go down and eventually the game will be over.

  • AD-Hoc wireless Battle at Versus Station
  • Various Game Mode & Level: 5 Game Stations and 3 levels
  • 117 songs of Pops, K-pops, Banya and remixes
  • Reward System: Buying various items (steps, images and music)
  • Game points at Store Station
  • Enjoying own played games & Music videos at Mania Station



Title: Pump It Up Zero Portable
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Type: : Music/Rhythm
Release Date: 
UPC: 8809169610110
Region Code: Region Free
Language: Korean
Developer: Studio 9
Publisher: Studio 9


Pump It Up Zero Portable

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