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Pump It Up EXCEED Portable - Korean Version - PSP

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  • Pump It Up EXCEED Portable - Korean Version - PSP
  • Pump It Up EXCEED Portable - Korean Version - PSP

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Pump It Up EXCEED Portable - Korean Version - PSP

The popular Korean rhythm action game Pump It Up EXCEED is finally available on PSP™. Now everyone can play "Pump It Up Exceed Portable!" at home, work, and school. The game has an assortment of 94 songs, including K-Pop, Banya, and Pop tracks. Also, the 'Survival Mode' will make you more excited. Whenever you end a song or clear, you can appreciate an image and music in the 'Music Video' part. Pump It Up Exceed Portable is faster than your eyes and your thinking. How to Play?

  • Push the direction indicator button to the music
  • When a direction indicator reaches the sequence zone, the player has to press the applicable button
  • When the direction indicator reaches the target zone, the gauge indicator goes up. Once the player pushes the button twice, he can attain a perfect mark, which is called a "COMBO"
  • When the player makes a mistake, the gauge indicator will go down and eventually the game will be over. Game Modes Arcade Mode This mode is the same as the game console system. The player has 3 stages to complete and once finished, you have the opportunity to unlock a bonus stage. After entirely completing the game, you will receive 16 codes and even receive an internet ranking. Home Mode You can play the game without any limits. When you fail the game, you may simply retry again. Sudden Death Mode Whenever you receive a "Miss", the game is over. No limits. You can play again and again. Survival Mode You can play the game as long until the life bar is empty. You will be able to see both music and videos within this mode.


Title: Pump It Up EXCEED Portable
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Type: : Music/Rhythm
Release Date: 
UPC: 8809169610103
Region Code: Region Free
Language: Korean
Developer: Studio 9
Publisher: Studio 9


Pump It Up EXCEED Portable for PlayStation Portable available at Videogamesnewyork, NY

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