Hardcore Mecha (Multi-Language) PlayStation 4

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  • Hardcore Mecha (Multi-Language) PlayStation 4
  • Hardcore Mecha (Multi-Language) PlayStation 4

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Hardcore Mecha (Multi-Language) PlayStation 4



A.D. 2221.

Neo U.N. founded several permanent colonies on Mars with the help of the natural wormhole WM-01. The industrial products and resources produced by these colonies have ensured the prosperity of mankind after the civil war.

Tarethur O’Connell is an ACE pilot for Hardcore Defense Corp. The company has undertaken the commission by the U.N.F. to search for the missing intelligence officer “A” on Mars. During the mission, Tarethur and his teammates gradually discovered that this seemingly simple mission has harbored an even greater crisis.

The continuous battles and enemies with different goals are all coming at him. In this overwhelming conflict and warfare, Tarethur starts to rethink what he is fighting for…



  • Exciting, Fast-Paced Mecha Battles
  • Stunning and Highly-Polished 2D Animations
  • Fast-Paced Gameplay Mechanism
  • Fight Against Mecha with Mortal Flesh
  • Four Times the Fun
  • Well-Polished and Vivid Mecha World
  • Seamless Story Immersion
  • Indie Prize Winners of couple international media
  • Story Mode about 10 hours
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