Brook Wingman XB 2 Super Converter

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  • BOX AND Brook Wingman XB 2 Super Converter
  • supports 125+ controllers
  • Brook Wingman XB 2 Super Converter
  • support all generation xbox
  • boxed image of Brook Wingman XB 2 Super Converter
  • remap your own way
  • 5 level turbo
  • image of Brook Wingman XB 2 Super Converter
  • pc compatible



New! All Xbox compatible

Get a new Wingman XB 2 universal controller converter! It is compatible with all Xbox consoles & PC, 5-speed turbo function and buttons remapping.

Wingman XB 2 let you play Xbox games with more than 125 different wired and wireless controllers, includes XSX/Xbox One/Elite2/PS5/PS4/PS3/Switch official and licensed controllers. Enjoy every game on every platform!

Wingman XB 2 supports four generations of Xbox consoles:
Xbox series X|S/Xbox one/Xbox 360/Xbox Original.
Let Brook be your partner on the way becoming a hero.

* It's PC-compatible, choose a favorite controller and be the winner of every game.

Supports 125+ Controllers

Proudly supports Xbox and Xbox Elites wireless controllers.

Empower your every weapon. Win your every battle with the 5-level Turbo function.

The Wingman XB 2 features a button customization function (Remap) that you can create a perfect operation configuration.

Ultra-low latency. Unparallel stability.



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