Brook UFB Fusion - Header version (2nd Edition)

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  • box and board Brook UFB Fusion - Header-less version
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  • build for ps5 fighting games Brook UFB Fusion - Header-less version
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  • lowest latency greatest performance Brook UFB Fusion - Header-less version
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  • esport tournament ready Brook UFB Fusion - Header-less version
  • support turbo function Brook UFB Fusion - Header-less version
  • Brook Universal Fighting Board 2nd Edition Fusion pcb


Introducing the Brook UFB Fusion - Header Version (2nd Edition)

Elevate Your Gaming Experience:

The Brook UFB Fusion, in its 2nd Edition, takes the gaming world by storm with its innovative features and exceptional compatibility. This edition comes equipped with all the headers found in the UFB (non-PS5) version, making it an ideal choice for modding enthusiasts who seek ultimate versatility when combined with our custom cables. Refer to the attached picture for a detailed view of the included headers.

Seamless PS5 Compatibility (For Fighting Games Only):

The Brook UFB Fusion is essentially the Brook Universal Fighting Board with added PS5 compatibility. If you're using an Optimus or an EZ Mod kit, this board streamlines the process, saving you time and precious space, especially with the upcoming pre-soldered connector version (available in July). Please note that the current version we offer may not have all the connectors required for these kits, but fret not—we can solder them on for you upon request.

Pioneering the FGC PCB Market:

Back in 2016, when Brook introduced the Brook Universal Fighting Board (UFB), it was a game-changer for the fighting game community. Notably, it eliminated the notorious PS4 8-minute timeout issue, establishing Brook as the pioneer in this regard. With subsequent firmware updates and the inclusion of compatibility with various modern gaming systems, the "Universal" branding became the industry standard, a legacy that continues to this day.

Setting the Benchmark for Speed:

Brook's defining moment arrived with their first firmware update, which propelled the UFB to become the fastest board on the market. Now, the Brook UFB Fusion continues this tradition by adding PS5 compatibility to its already impressive PCB lineup, reaffirming its position as a market leader.

Exceptional Compatibility:

The Brook UFB Fusion is compatible with an extensive range of gaming platforms, including PS5 Fighting Games, PS4, PS3, Xbox OG, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, MAC, PS Classic, Sega Genesis Mini, NEO•GEO Mini, and Astro City Mini.

Experience gaming like never before with the Brook UFB Fusion, your gateway to enhanced compatibility, speed, and modding possibilities. Stay ahead of the game with Brook's cutting-edge technology.

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