Under Defeat HD [Limited Edition] PlayStation 3

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Under Defeat HD [Limited Edition] PlayStation 3

Product Description:

In 2012, the classic helicopter shoot'em up, Under Defeat, soared back into action. Originally an arcade gem from 2005, its Dreamcast version has since become a collector's item. Now, G.rev is answering fans' demands by bringing this iconic game to the Xbox 360 and PS3. 

Destructive Realism: Witness tank suspensions rumble, fiery explosions, and trees swaying from the blasts. Under Defeat pushed the Dreamcast's graphics limits, delivering a full 3D battlefield with remarkable detail, all while retaining the classic 2D-shooter simplicity.

All New Remix Mode: Under Defeat HD is not just a simple port. In addition to the arcade version, a new Remix Mode (details to come) optimized for 16:9 televisions is in the works.

Limited Reproduction Edition: Choose between regular and limited editions. The limited edition includes a strategy DVD, a renewed soundtrack by Yosuke Yasui of Super Sweep, and a special limited edition box with an original illustration by character designer Nanashiki Yamamoto.

Exciting news for fans: the limited edition's packaging design pays homage to the original Dreamcast limited edition design!


Platform: PlayStation 3
Title: Under Defeat HD 
Genre: Shoot Em Up
Release date: Feb 2012
EAN: 4582118810147
Rating: CERO A (Free)
Languages: Japanese
Developer:  G.Revolution
Publisher: G.Revolution

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