Tacoma - Limited Run (Playstation 4)

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Tacoma - Limited Run (Playstation 4)

The Venturis Corporation Wants Their AI Back. That's Where You Come In.

 Six crew members lived and worked on space station Tacoma, forming relationships, experiencing love and loss, and facing crisis together. Discover not just what happened to these people, but what makes them who they are, through your role as an interactive investigator.
In each section of the station, you are surrounded by digital representations of crew members following their own parallel story threads that diverge, recombine, and split off again. Rewind, fast-forward, and move through these scenes’ chronologies as they swirl around you. Your interactive tools allow you to discover the tightly knotted narrative from every angle, and in every detail.
A deeply imagined, speculative vision of the near future from the award-winning story team behind Gone Home and BioShock 2: Minerva’s Den. Now with over 2 hours of audio commentary from the developers!

Your role as a high-tech investigator gives you access to tools and data that no member of the crew would have-- including the ability to recover and review 3D recordings of crucial moments that happened on the station before the crew disappeared. You're surrounded by holographic ghosts, being "in the room" with the crew as the moments in the past happened-- and you have the ability to pause, fast-forward, and rewind these digital simulacra, discovering each and every detail of these emotionally charged moments as you review what happened here from every angle.

Tacoma station simulates gravity using centrifugal force motion, rotating the habitable sections on giant rings that revolve around a central spindle. Experience the free-floating motion of microgravity, as well as exploring the spaces where the crew lived day-to-day as you travel to the gravitized sections of this high-tech facility.


  • Tacoma on physical disc for the PlayStation 4.
  • REGION FREE - Will play on all systems worldwide. 


Title: Tacoma
Platform: PlayStation 4
Type: Adventure
Region Code: Region Free
Language: ENGLISH
Players:1 Player
Publisher: Limited Run Games





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