Star Wars Shadows of The Empire N64 (USED)

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Professionally cleaned cartridge. Good label. Guaranteed to work.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... As Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance struggle to defeat Darth Vader and the Empire, a new threat arises. Dark Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate, aspires to take Darth Vader's place at the Emperor's side. To do that, he must eliminate young Skywalker. As Dash Rendar, it's up to you to protect Luke and help the Alliance defeat the evil Xizor. Watch out for infamous bounty hunters and deadly stormtroopers! May the Force be with you!


  • Cartridge only
  • Professionally cleaned.
  • Good label.
  • Guaranteed to work. (30 days warranty)


Title: Star Wars Shadows of The Empire 
Platform:  Nintendo 64
Type: Action Shooter Rail
Release Date: December 1996
Language: ENGLISH
Players: 1 Player
Developer: Lucas Arts
Publisher: Lucas Arts



Star Wars Shadows of The Empire N64 (USED) for Nintendo 64 is available at VideoGamesNewYork, NY

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