Sega Dreamcast VMU Virtual Memory Unit [GREEN]

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  • Sega Dreamcast VMU Virtual Memory Unit [GREEN]
  • Sega Dreamcast VMU Virtual Memory Unit [GREEN]
  • Sega Dreamcast VMU Virtual Memory Unit [GREEN]


Dreamcast VMU "Visual Memory Unit"

It's much more than a memory card! Now you can take parts of the game with you wherever you go. Download and train game characters on the VMU, play standalone VMU-specific games, connect to another VMU to trade files or compete against another person. And when you plug the VMU into the controller, you have a private screen that cannot be seen by your opponent.

The Sega Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit or "VMU" Is both a memory card, portable system and a 2nd display for the Sega Dreamcast System. While its most basic function is as a removable storage device, the VMU may also serve as an auxiliary display during normal gameplay and, through the use of additional software (distributed as extras on Dreamcast GD-ROMs), acts as a handheld game console. Console-like features of the VMU include a screen, speaker, proper directional pad, four action buttons, the ability to connect and interact with other VMUs, and the ability to download additional games. 


  • Official Sega Product
  • 200 Blocks of Storage
  • Save your Sega Dreamcast game data and transfer between VMU devices
  • Play downloadable games from compatible Sega Dreamcast game discs
  • Acts as a second screen for extra content in many Sega Dreamcast games by fitting right into the Sega Dreamcast game controller
  • For use only with Sega Dreamcast entertainment consoles


  •  VMU is compatible with ALL models and regions of the Sega Dreamcast System. 


Sega Dreamcast VMU Virtual Memory Unit [GREEN] for Dreamcast at VideoGamesNewYork, VGNY 

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