Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]

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  • Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]
  • Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]
  • Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]
  • Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]
  • Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]
  • Qanba Carbon [PS3, PC]

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Product Description

The Carbon is designed for the home player. With Android, PS3 and PC compatibility, the Carbon is ideal for fighters that want to enjoy their favorite retro games on mobile as well as the newest fighters on the PC.

Qanba Brand Pushbuttons and Joystick

The Drone features Qanba joystick and pushbuttons so we for an affordable joystick the that does not compromise tournament-grade performance. Qanba brand components have been regarded as the best alternative to Sanwa Denshi components.

Engineered For Stability

The Carbon features detachable table clamps to secure your stick to a desk or table while you play. Anti-slip grip bottom ensures your stick stays on your lap or on your desk, with or without clamps.


  • PC, Android, and PS3 Compatibility
  • D-Input and X-Input support
  • Adjustable/Removable table clamps
  • Anti-slip bottom pad
  • Side USB Cord Compartment
  • Turbo Functionality
  • 6 lbs
  • 13.5” x 8.5” x 3” (Without Clamps)
  • 13.5" x 10.5" x 4" (With Clamps)
  • 6’ USB Cord
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