PHANTASY STAR III Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record

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  • PHANTASY STAR III Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record
  • PHANTASY STAR III Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record
  • PHANTASY STAR III Original Soundtrack Vinyl Record


PHANTASY STAR III - Original Soundtrack  Vinyl Record

By: Ship to Shore PhonoCo

Product Description

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original video game soundtrack to Sega’s 16-bit sci-fi RPG classic Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom on vinyl!
An early example of branching endings depending on choices made by the player earlier in the game, this 1990 Mega Drive / Genesis follow-up to the previous year’s Phantasy Star II was met with critical and audience acclaim - as is tradition - upon its release and continues the brilliant Phantasy Star legacy Sega created back in 1987.
Sega brought in composer Izuho Takeuchi to compliment the new gameplay with a fresh flavour of music, ushering in a more playful refrain yet tinged with dark gothic fantasy motifs. It’s a melodic treat for the ears that’s unlike anything from the previous games in the franchise and is not one to be missed by fans!
Presented on limited edition vinyl which includes an 8-page booklet featuring new liner notes from Retronauts’ Jeremy Parish and rare original artwork from the Sega archives, secure your copy today to avoid disappointment!

Side A 
1. Opening Theme 
2. Shop 
3. Town 
4. Royal Waltz 
5. Wedding 
6. Abduction 
7. Dungeon + Variation 
8. World Map 
9. Battle Starts 
10. Battle (Normal) 
11. Battle (Losing) 
12. Battle (Winning) 
13. Battle Won 
14. Boat Ride 
15. Shusoran 
16. Hospital 
17. Fortune Teller 
Side B 
1. Satelite 
2. Dead World Map 
3. Wren Transformations 
4. Laya's World 
5. Laya's Temple 
6. Skyhaven 
7. Lashute 
8. Dark Force 
9. Megido 
10. Ending Theme (Aron & Crys) 
11. Ending Theme (Sean & Adan) 
12. Staff Roll 
13. Game Over

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  • PHANTASY STAR III - Original Soundtrack 

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