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Neo Cab (English) Nintendo Switch

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Neo Cab (English) Nintendo Switch

Product Description:
Dive into the world of Neo Cab, an immersive narrative experience that blends the captivating elements of a deeply branching, character-focused noir storyline with the intrigue of a cyberpunk city teeming with diverse characters. Crafted by the talented minds of Paula Rogers, Duncan Fyfe, Kim Belair, Robin Sloan, Bruno Dias, Leigh Alexander, Patrick Ewing, and Andrew McClain, Neo Cab revolves around the idea that choice is paramount.

As Lina Romero, a fearless and empathetic young woman making her living in a world dominated by gig labor and technological upheaval, you'll find yourself at the wheel, navigating the neon-saturated streets of Los Ojos. In this autonomous world, you're one of the last human cab drivers, and your every decision carries weight.

The emotional game mechanics embedded within Neo Cab are an integral part of the experience, influencing every line of dialogue, each choice you make, and ultimately, the outcome of your story. The distinctive cel-shaded, 2.5D cyberpunk art style, crafted by the talented artist Vincent Perea, brings the city to life, immersing you in its futuristic atmosphere.

Accompanying your journey is a mesmerizing and vibes-infused soundtrack by Obfusc, which sets the mood and enhances the emotional depth of the narrative. Your path in Neo Cab is a delicate balancing act, where you must carefully manage your finances, uphold your star rating, and safeguard your emotional well-being to thrive in this vibrant yet challenging city. Explore the intricacies of gig work, tech disruption, and the human experience in this exceptional emotional survival game.


Platform: NintendoSwitch
Title: Neo Cab
Genre: Adventure
Release date: June 2021
EAN: 8881300172152
Languages: Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Cantonese
Developer: Fellow Travelers. Chance Agency
Publisher: 1PRINT GAMES

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