Mortal Kombat 3 USED (SNES)

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Professionally cleaned cartridge. Good label. Guaranteed to work.

Get ready for the fight of your life! 14 Selectable Fighters - including 8 new characters, 2 new bosses and 1 fighter hidden within the game! Watch out for this dude! 32 Megs - the most ever for a Mortal Kombat game! 12 new 3D rendered moving backgrounds to keep you jumping. Secret portals that allow you to smash up and down into different backgrounds for the ultimate bi-level battlefield! More fatalities, animalities and babalities! Intense, live-action, fully-digitized fight sequences for the most realistic action you've ever encountered!


  • Cartridge only
  • Professionally cleaned.
  • Good label.
  • Guaranteed to work. (30 days warranty)


Title: Mortal Kombat 3
Platform: Super Nintendo SNES
Type: Fighting
Release Date: October 1995
Language: ENGLISH
Players: 1-2 Players
Developer: Midway
Publisher: Williams Entertainment






Mortal Kombat 3 for Super Nintendo SNES is available at VideoGamesNewYork, NY

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