Mercenary Kings LRG #002 [Nintendo Switch]

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LimitedRunGames are IN-STORE ONLY, sorry no online sales or shipping 


Includes a Mercenary Kings comic book!

This release features reversible cover artwork. The cover that is sealed facing outwards has been randomized by our factory. If you order two copies we will make sure to send you one of each sealed variant. We can not take requests for specific art, but as the art is reversible - every copy comes with both covers, you'll just need to open the game up and flip the art!

 LimitedRunGames are IN-STORE ONLY, sorry no online sales or shipping 


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How do you have their games? 

[Physical supports PHYSICAL] Videogamesnewyork is apart of LRG Physical retail partnership program. They give a very small portion of brick and mortar stores around the country with the agreement to keep the price reasonable and only sell in-store. This is designed to gives buyers a 2nd chance at getting  title if they missed the online sale once the items are produced. 

Do you still have this item in-stock?

It is always best to call the store for real-time stock checks. You can reach us 7 days a week (212)539-1039 or email You can then have the item placed on hold for a few days if you know when you are visiting the store. 

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Yes, you can send an email to for an invoice to pay and make arrangements. You can also call the store and have the title held for a few days in most cases.

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Often in its initial release weekend we limit sales to 1 per person, after that time period we open all remaining stock to anyone. 

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You can receive a TEXT message when titles become available by calling the store and putting your name on the contact list for any title.  

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