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Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)

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  • Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)
  • Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)
  • Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)
  • Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)
  • Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)
  • Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)

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Bladed Fury - European (Nintendo Switch)

Bladed Fury is a fluid and precise 2D action game based on Chinese history and mythology with surreal elements.

Wandering the Warring States of China, Ji is an exiled princess on a vengeful quest after a rival clan takes control of the region. Wrongly blamed for her father’s death, she must restore honor to her name and defeat the treasonous Tian clan. On her journey, Ji encounters many of China’s ancient deities to help her with their mystical powers and wise words.


  • Slice and Carve - Combat is flowing and graceful when mastered. Foes have a broad set of skills and attributes that require Ji to use her full range of acquired combat mechanics to defeat
  • The Finest Art - Bladed Fury's characters and environments are brought to life with a beautiful hand drawn art style inspired by Chinese paintings. Each strike and special move is illustrated with gorgeous special effects.
  • An Ancient Time Re-Imagined - Meet deities from Chinese mythologies who will bestow their powers upon you to aid you on your journey.


Title: Bladed Fury
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Type: Beat 'em Up
Release Date: October 2021
UPC/EAN: 5056280424666
Region Code: Region Free
Language: English, Spanish, Korean, Russian.
Rating: PEGI 12
Players: 1-2 players
Developer: Numskull
Publisher: PM Studios
Bladed Fury - Nintendo Switch European Version available at Videogamesnewyork, NY
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