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  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO
  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO
  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO
  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO
  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO
  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO
  • RetroTINK 2X-PRO

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RetroTINK 2X-Pro Retro-console to Digital Display/TV Converter

The RetroTINK-2X Pro is the next evolution of the original 2X for converting component, Svideo and composite signals from retro consoles to a modern HDMI display. The 2X-Pro is specifically designed to handle 240p off-spec signals and output 480p with low latency and minimal artifacts to preserve the original gaming experience.

The Pro version adds a scanline generator, selectable comb filtering modes, automatic format detection (NTSC/NTSC-443/PAL/PAL-60/PAL-M/SECAM), USB firmware upgrade support and is housed in an injection molded enclosure. In addition, the 2X-Pro is fabricated on a 4-layer PCB with improved routing, power supply and filtering for lower video noise.

Connects all of your classic systems to your fancy HDTV's! Designed to offer a very high upscale while keeping a very low input delay. Works with all systems that have the Composite RCA (Yellow, Red & White cables) and even units that support s-video and early high definition component video (Red, Green, Blue, White, Red Cables) like the PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, Nintendo Wii.  

The 2X is very easy to use. Plug in USB power to the 2X and the standard size HDMI cord from the 2X to your display. Connect your console to one of the inputs: composite, S-video or component. Press the mode select button the the correct input and you should be all set!


  • Professional injection molded enclosure
  • Inputs: Component, S-video and Composite (COMPOSITE VIA GREEN)
  • Output: Fullsize HDMI
  • Automatic format detection: NTSC, PAL, PAL-60, PAL-M, NTSC-443 and SECAM
  • SCANLINE mode
  • Adjustable comb filtering for Retro (notch) and Video (2-D comb)
  • Advanced power input filtering an cleaning
  • USB firmware upgrade capability - no special tools needed
  • LATEST VERSION of PCB and Firmware
  • Power: MicroUSB (not included) The RT2XPRO uses minimal power so a 500 mA phone charger is sufficient. The best source would be the USB port on your TV/monitor.




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