Company Info

Who we are:

Videogamesnewyork is an independent videogame store located in the heart of the East Village New York. We are internationally known for our unique collection of video game systems and games, american and imports. From the game watches of the 70’s to the first systems as Odyssey, Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision, Commodore 64 to the last Ps3, XBOX 360, PSP or Nintendo DS. In the last few years we became Direct Distributors of Sanwa Deshi and Seimitsu Arcade Parts and Official U.S. Distributors of QANBA.

Who we serve:

We serve any customer who wants a personalized service, very different from the cold and aseptic chain stores. Curious customers, collectors, tourists, anyone interested in seeing and touching the history of the video game industry would find in our store their territory. 

Where we want to go:

We want to go as far as we can from the chain stores. We want to combine a cultural experience with a shopping experience and show how the independent stores can still live and have a value in a industry that every day more is becoming just a cold mechanism of money making. 

Why to buy from us?:

Price: We are not the cheap guy of the block but we are definitely competitive and we guarantee all our products. When you cannot find a product anywhere we probably have it, when we don’t have it we can find it for you.


Our store as well as our online store try to bring you a unique shopping experience, like a museum were you can see but at the same time buy the products displayed. 


Videogamesnewyork is dedicated to providing our customers with world class customer service. No matter if before or after your purchase, our customer service representatives won’t leave you out wondering. We will continue to strive to make us your first choice for the latest and most innovative videogame products, offered at the guaranteed lowest prices, and the finest customer service. 

Company address:
202 East 6th street
New York, NY 10003
Tel. (212) 539-1039