Sell Your Games


What do you buy?

We purchase:

  • Video Game Systems
  • Used Video Games
  • Sealed Video Games
  • Import Video Games & Hardware
  • Retro Video Games & Hardware (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, etc...)
  • Collectable Video Games
  • Collectable Video Game Related Material
  • Special Edition Systems

What do you NOT buy?

Here is a small list of items that we do not regularly purchase:

  • Bug Infested/ Water Damage Systems
  • Extremely dirty or unsanitary condition
  • Heavily Scratched Old Sports Games
  • FAT (original) & RROD XBOX360 Systems (2006 - early 2010 Version)
  • Original Fat PS3 40,60,80 GB models (2006 - 2009 Model)
  • XBOX One (2013 Version)
  • Wii Balance board
  • Broken Guitar Hero/Rock band Equipment 
  • Used Headsets
  • PC Games
  • Systems that had difficult time reading games

Do I need all the cables to sell a system to you?

You do not! We have everything necessary in out in-store test area to check every regular system and will still purchase system even if you are missing cables.

I am not sure if the system functions properly?

Our staff will be able figure that out for you instore when you bring the system in.

Do you purchase defective systems?

YES, often many systems can still be purchased for parts, contact the store for more information.

Do you give CASH or only STORE CREDIT?

We give BOTH cash and store credit for purchased. store credit is often 20% more and does not expire for calendar year.

How much will you pay for _______?

Our store pricing depends on many factors, condition isa very important one that often cannot be answered over the phone. The only way to get an accurate quote is to bring the items into the store.


Any open game is USED
The term "BASICALLY NEW" is not very descriptive
“ONLY USED ONCE" is also a term that is often not true

Is there a specific day to sell to you?

Any time we are open we are able to purchase your items!

Is there a maximum amount of items I can sell?

There is no limit to the amount that you can sell, we have purchased car loads, storage units and even entire stores. Keep in mind everything will need to be sorted and the systems need to be tested. This can take some time if you have alot of unusual items. You can help this process go faster by bringing it to the store during slower hours.

Note: We reserve the right to refuse some or all trade-ins that are unacceptable or that we currently have large overstock of certain games, systems & accessories.