Ukiyo no Roushi (Japanese Version) PlayStation Vita

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  • Ukiyo no Roushi (Japanese Version) PlayStation Vita
  • Ukiyo no Roushi (Japanese Version) PlayStation Vita
  • Ukiyo no Roushi (Japanese Version) PlayStation Vita
  • Ukiyo no Roushi (Japanese Version) PlayStation Vita


Spike Chunsoft are releasing a pair of samurai games for both the PS3 and PSVita in February, each with their own story. Here's the kicker: the First Print bonus for both versions will include a discount code for the alternative version, as well as the "Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki" sword for PS3 and the "Kaga Kiyomitsu" sword for PSV.

Both versions of the game take place during the Bakamatsu, a period of uprising in Japanese history that marked the final years of the Tokugawa shogunate. The PS3 and PSV versions will each tell a very different story from the two opposing perspectives of the conflict.

The ukiyo-e art style is highly associated with this period of Japanese history, so much in fact that Spike Chunsoft have dedicated the "Ukiyo Engine" to allowing players to transform their surroundings to look like that of a ukiyo-e painting.

In Ukiyo no Shishi, the PS3 title, the story revolves around the 'Ishin Shishi', a group dedicated to the anti-shogunate side of the conflict who favored the return of the Japanese imperial house to power. At the heart of the story lies the historical figure Sakamoto Ryoma who has lost his memory in the game and sets off to regain his identity one step at a time with the help of other historically-inspired characters.

Meanwhile Ukiyo no Roushi, for PSVita, switches focus to Okita Yoshijiro, a young man who is following in the footsteps of his uncle Okita Souji in joining the Shinsengumi, one of the groups who readily oppose the Ishin Shishi. Assigned as an inspector under the famous Saito Hajime Okita Yoshijiro must ensure the safety of Kyoto by solving mysteries and revealing culprits. But as the conflict grows Okita will find himself thrown headlong into chaos filled with great menaces and Japanese historical figures.

The combat and gameplay mechanics in both games are the same, with both being largely dependent on the types of weapon being used. 8 weapon classes are currently confirmed to be in the title: Uchigatana, One-handed sword, Odachi (great sword), Ninja sword, Dual swords, Spear, Bare hands, and Gun. Each class of weapon will have a set of unique techniques to use during combat and the experience points earned during your fights can be used to unlock even more abilities.

Save data for both the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita games will be shareable between the two titles including exclusive items, weapons, and costumes.

Japanese Version

Language: Japanese 

Genre: Action Adventure

Players: 1

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