Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable

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  • Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable
  • Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable
  • Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable
  • Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable
  • Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable

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Pound HD Link HDMI Cable

Bring your dreamcast into the modern generation with HDMI. THE dreamcast already supported High Definition Graphics but only through an older no longer commonly used VGA connection. The Pound HD HDMI Link cable will connect to you Dreamcast system and digitally convert the VGA signal straight to a modern HDMI connection. 


  • PLUG AND PLAY Seamlessly links your old system to a modern television via HDMI with no adapters or power supplies.

  • HD READY Maximum possible video quality and compatible with all modern TVs. Video quality based on media capability and is not limited by the cable. Games that are native 480i or 720p will run in their respective resolutions.

  • INTEGRATED SOLUTION If you want your original Dreamcast system to connect to your television via HDMI then the HD Link Cable is the best and only all-in-one integrated solution. We pull directly from the VGA signal on the Dreamcast for maximum video quality.


  • Pound HD Link cable is compatible with ALL models and regions of the Sega Dreamcast System's.
  • Dreamcast HDMI Cable use the VGA Signal, check your software to make sure it is compatible with VGA 
  • Non-VGA compatible games can be forced to support vga with a Swap Disc or a Uni-Bios installation.



Pound Dreamcast HDMI Cable for Dreamcast at VideoGamesNewYork, VGNY

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