Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)

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  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)
  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)
  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)
  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)
  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)
  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)
  • Gameboy Advance SP IPS LCD Kit [v2] (GBA SP)


GameBoy Advance SP IPS LCD V2 KITS

The next evolution in GBA upgrading. We have all seen what it looks like to put a GBA SP 101 screen into a GBA system. This is the next level of that upgrade! a 2019 produces SUPER SHARP IPS LCD designed for the GBA itself. 


  • Incredible High Contract 3.19" LG IPS LCD Screen
  • Built-in Adjustable brightness 5 - Levels
  • Supports all modesl of GBA SP bot hthe AGS-001 & the AGS-101 models. 
  • NO SCREEN tearing like original screen! 
  • This is version 2 (the latest version)
  • Official FunnyPlaying product (Not a unbranded knock off)


  • Laminated IPS LCD Screen (Screen & Glass Cover)     
  • LCD GBA SP  Ribbon [Version 2]


Just like the GBA LCD mod some internal case modification is required to fit the LCD in the system. While this mod is rated ENTRY level it will require basic technician skill level work. Unfortunately due to the requirement of fabrication we only offer a limited warranty. Physical damage to the product of ribbon is not covered under the warranty. 


Videogamesnewyork is a fully licensed and bonded repair service based in the East Village, New York City. All of our repairs a covered inder a 30 day parts & laboy warranty. We offer this and all GBA customization services in out retail location and via mail in service. contact for more information. 


DIY product include a limited warranty that coves them against abnormal defects not consistent with the bulk of the DIY product. These products are designed aftermarket and are made to upgrade an existing product. This may cause changes in operation and functions of the existing products that would not be covered by this product or Videogamesnewyorks warranty. 

Additionally damage caused from improper installation, mishandling will void any warranty. If you have any questions contact support via email before proceeding



Full video coming soon thanks in part to Bob from

 GameBoy Advance SP IPS LCD V2 KITS available at Videogamesnewyork, NY

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