Solden X2 FInal Prototype

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  • Solden X2 FInal Prototype
  • Solden X2 FInal Prototype


  • Includes Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype - The Last Chapter add-on
  • Platinum trophy support
  • PlayStation Vita / Vita TV support
  • Full Color Manual (English)
  • 10 unique action-loaded levels with fierce boss battles
  • High definition graphics with 3D backgrounds
  • Dynamic score-linked difficulty system
  • Three playerships with distinct characteristics and weapon systems
  • Complex bullet pattern system
  • Powerful limit attacks and fourfold chaser system
  • Console perfect, running at 60fps with next to no load times
  • Unlockables and rewards offer nearly unlimited replay value
  • Online high score ranking tables and replay file sharing
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